LifeHouse Theater is thankful for all who have been supporting us throughout our past seasons. We are often asked how we can afford to keep going when our ticket prices only cover about sixty percent of actual costs. The answer is through the blessed support of monthly patrons who donate financially. Still others like to contribute small to moderate amounts toward tangible needs of the theater.

Here are items needed for our operations to accommodate most any budget. Will you graciously consider sponsoring one or more of these needs?  Thank you for supporting us in this way!

If you would like to donate towards a particular need, please
contact us here.


One Time Items
$25,000 48 Channel Dimmer Pack to Replace Aging Lighting System
Ongoing Needs
$4 per roll Mic Tape
$5 per month Towards Various Office Supplies (Staples, Paper Clips, etc.)
$10 per ream White Office Paper
$16 per roll Gaffers Tape (Special Stage Tape)
$60 per month Flat Black Paint Gallon for Stage
$1,000 per year 9-Volt and AA Batteries for Actor’s Body Mics
(or $85/month)
$95 – $300 per show Advertising in Our Program
$2,000 New Volume of LifeHouse Music CD
$5,000 – $7000 LifeHouse Theatrical Production