Upcoming Audition Dates for the 20th Anniversary Season

April 17, 2014 – “Treasure Island”
May 22, 2014 – “Seussical”
July 1, 2014 – “Samson”
August 21, 2014 – “Sherlock Holmes*


Auditioning at LifeHouse Theater

Auditions will be held on a first come-first served basis. All are welcome and roles are open for men and women. Men are especially encouraged to audition. Those auditioning should be at least 10 years of age and bring a theatrical resume and a recent photo to leave with the audition panel. Those without a photo may have a Polaroid picture taken at the auditions for a $2 fee.

Auditioners should also bring their own sheet music in the preferred key, and be prepared to sing a short selection of about 16 measures. A pianist will be provided but will not be able to transpose any sheet music. Auditions with CDs will not be accepted. Those without sheet music will be asked to sing “Happy Birthday” with the accompanist.

*For dramas, please prepare a dramatic monologue no more than one minute in length.


Auditions for “Treasure Island”

Auditions for “Treasure Island” will take place on Thursday, April 17 from 6:00pm through 9:00pm at the LifeHouse Theater.

The action-packed musical, written by writer-producer Wayne R. Scott with renowned film and stage composers Jason and Nolan Livesay, contains all the memorable elements of the novel and a few added surprise twists.  Intrigue combines with double crosses, a treasure chest, swashbuckling sword fights and the unraveling of mysterious secrets to make this an unforgettable theater experience for all ages.  Modern critics routinely hail Robert Louis Stevenson’s immortal classic “Treasure Island” as literature’s greatest adventure tale.


Jim Hawkins - Sturdy Young Dreamer of Adventure Facing Manhood

Mother - Mrs. Hawkins – Jim’s Mother and Benbow Inn Proprietor

Auntie Hawkins - Mrs. Hawkins’ Sister-in-law and Fussy Old Maid

Captain Flint - Legendary Ruthless Pirate — Now a Fugitive

Doctor Livesey - Level-headed Man of Medicine and Magistrate

Squire Trelawney - Blustery Friend of Livesey and the Hawkins’

Calico Kate - Seasoned Bloodthirsty Pirate Formerly of Flint’s Crew

Blind Pew – Blind but Dangerous Pirate Formerly of Flint’s Crew

Black Dog - Grizzled Pirate Formerly of Flint’s Crew

Bonny Bones - Wanton Pirate Formerly of Flint’s Crew

Israel Hands - Bloodthirsty Pirate Formerly of Flint’s Crew

Long John Silver - Beguiling One-Legged Sea Cook Now Leading Flint’s Crew

Captain Smollett - Frankly Honest Captain of “The Hispaniola”

Ben Gunn - Wiley Marooned Eccentric – Formerly of Flint’s Crew

Additional Renegade Pirates

George Merry, Tom Morgan, Belle O’Brien, Johnny Dirk, Buccaneer Jennie Philo

Additional Honest Sailors

Terry Redruth, Abraham Gray, Job Anderson, Bart Blandly, Louise Alan

Villagers of Benbow Inn

Villagers of Bristol