Upcoming Audition Dates for the 21st Theatrical Season

April 30, 2015 – “Sleeping Beauty”
June 18, 2015 – “Paul: The Road To Damascus”
July 30, 2015 – “Pride and Prejudice”

Auditioning at LifeHouse Theater

Auditions will be held on a first come-first served basis. All are welcome and roles are open for men and women. Men are especially encouraged to audition. Those auditioning should be at least 10 years of age and bring a theatrical resume and a recent photo to leave with the audition panel. Those without a photo may have a Polaroid picture taken at the auditions for a $2 fee.

Auditioners should also bring their own sheet music in the preferred key, and be prepared to sing a short selection of about 16 measures. A pianist will be provided but will not be able to transpose any sheet music. Auditions with CDs will not be accepted. Those without sheet music will be asked to sing “Happy Birthday” with the accompanist.

*For dramas, please prepare a dramatic monologue no more than one minute in length.

Auditions for “Sleeping Beauty”

Open auditions for LifeHouse Theater’s “Sleeping Beauty,” will be Thursday, April 30, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at LifeHouse Theater, 1135 N. Church Street, Redlands.

In this colorful retelling of the classic tale by Charles Perrault, unpredictable mischief erupts when a spunky princess and a stable boy mix with evil fairies, phobias and sleep deprivation.  The comedic romp begins in Medieval Ireland where Sleeping Beauty encounter the Fairy Folk and deals with their delightfully funny blessings and curses.  This fractured fairy tale will have audiences laughing and their toes tapping.

Character List 

Fionnoula – An optimistic and spunky princess who, through a botched blessing from birth, suffers from “The Sleeping Beauty Sickness” – Narcolepsy; age 18, must have great comedic timing.

Fergus – A clumsy stable boy who dreams of wining the favor of his best friend, Fionnoula; the love interest of Princess Fionnoula, age 18-20, must have great comedic timing.

Lhiannan Shide –  A beautiful, yet evil Fairy who delights in mischief and mayhem of the highest magnitude.  She never passes up an opportunity to lay a curse or stir up trouble though she’s actually fairly harmless; age late 20s-30s, must have great comedic timing.

Gan Ceanach – Lhiannan’s evil colleague, the strong, silent type, a fairy in his own right, he and Lhiannan are like two peas in a pod, though he is the more rational one of the pair; age late 20s-30s, must have great comic timing.

Lob Lie-by-the-fire – A mythical house elf who has worked for the castle for years, both under-paid and under-appreciated he has turned to selling items on the black market; dry sense of humor and wit, may be played by either an adult or child of either gender.

The King – A kind and dithery kind of endearing husband, father, and ruler of his kingdom.  He will do anything to keep his daughter safe, but also has a difficult time keeping the kingdom content as well; age 40-50.

The Queen – A sweet-natured, good tempered Queen with a sunny disposition; age 40-50.

Minister 1 – Male, an advisor to the crown who has a lot of good ideas, but later regrets them; has a bit of a temper and is excessively sarcastic and snarky; age 25+.

Minister 2 – Male or Female, the flip side to Minister 1, trying to even out every bit of advice or Royal decree; age 25+.

Fay the Fey – Female, the appointed representative of the Fairies, exuberant and lovable; age 20+.

Fey “T” – Male, a bumbling Fairy, he excels in gardening and is responsible for “blessing” Fionnoula with Narcolepsy; age 35+.

Eamon  - Male, a villager from the board of tourism who is not opposed to stretching the truth if it can make him a dollar; age 40+.

Prince – Male, Fionnoula’s cowardly suitor from a distant land; age 18+

Various other Fairies

Various Palace Staff and Courtiers